Under the Skin
3 framed glow-in-the-dark prints of endangered animals, revealing glowing skeletons of a pangolin, orangutan and elephant.
Illustration, Graphic design, Campaign

Under the Skin

Part awareness campaign part business venture, Under the Skin calls attention to the beauty & vulnerability of the world’s most endangered animals.

"The impact of their striking interactive artwork, along with Ed and James’ enthusiasm, helped museum visitors of all ages to engage with the threat of extinction to species across the planet."

Laura Ashby Events Manager, Natural History Museum

The Brief

  • Since 1970 half of the planet's animals have gone extinct. One million plant and animal species are currently threatened with extinction.
  • Compelled to take action with my brother, in 2015 we decided to bring our illustration and printmaking skills together to raise awareness and support the conservation movement.
  • In our mission to create #PrintsThatProtect, we donate 20% to a charity protecting each species.
  • We immersed ourselves in these complex issues. In 2018 we spent a week aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel to document their frontline work to protect the most endangered marine mammal on the planet.

The Idea

  • We developed a vibrant and compelling series of illustrated animals with a powerful underlying message.
  • Using phosphorescent inks to reflect the concept of extinction, James screenprinted the animal skeleton on the final layer of each piece of artwork.
  • We sent out UV torches with each limited edition print for customers to reveal the hidden animal anatomy.
  • From the handprinted wrapping paper to the customer charity cards, we curated every design detail of the unpacking experience.

The Result

  • Under the Skin was shortlisted for the 2019 World Illustration Awards.
  • The collection has been exhibited globally, in institutions such as the the Natural History Museum.
  • Our project has been shared by influencers and activists such as Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • We have been invited to share our project at Wildscreen Festival and P&G on Earth Day.
  • Since 2015 we have partnered with leaders in wildlife conservation such as Birdlife International, RSPB, Global Wildlife Conservation, Sea Shepherd and more.
A greyscale digital illustration of an orangutan.
A greyscale digital illustration of a pangolin skeleton.
An open sketchbook on a wooden table with a pencil sketch of an orangutan.
Ed Harrison creaing a digital illustration of an orangutan on his laptop.
A series of 14 circular digital illustrations of endangered animals.
Scroll left / right
An orangutan screenprint layed out in wrapping paper alongside a series of booklets and a UV torch.
A green orangutan charity leaflet lying on a wooden table.
An infographic with stats and facts about why orangutans are critically endangered.
A collection of tiled colourful digital prints of endangered animals.
A short paragraphy of text about the process of creating a silk screen print.
A short process film showcasing designer-duo and brothers Ed & James Harrison creating a piece of artwork in partnership with the RSPB and Birdlife International.
A pair of hands pushing down on a screenprint screen of a a crane illustration.
James Harrison screenprinting in the print studio.
Close-up details of a half finished whooping crane silk screen print.

Shining a light on extinction

The core idea revolves around the use of phosphorescent ink to visually communicate our concept. Under UV light the hidden skeleton is revealed, all that remains if a species falls into the darkness of extinction.

Three framed pieces of Under the Skin artwork of illustrated animals; a pangolin, an orangutan and an elephant.
3 framed glow-in-the-dark prints of endangered animals, revealing glowing skeletons of a pangolin, orangutan and elephant.
8 colourful animal illustrations in wooden frames on a white brick wall above a sofa.
Close-up of an orange orangutan illustration with a green background.
Close-up of print of a glow-in-the-dark orangutan skeleton.
An elephant illustration with a glow in the dark skeleton shining through.
An elephant illustration printed with a yellow background, with a subtle skeleton overlay.
Close-up of an orange orangutan illustration with a green background.
Close-up of print of a glow-in-the-dark pangolin skeleton.
A grid of twelve black and white wildlife conservation charity logos

Prints That Protect

Under the Skin has partnered with some of the world's most influential charities. We donate 20% from every print sale to a specific campaign dedicated to protecting each species.

Two pairs of hands unwrapping a gift in recycled animal-themed wrapping paper
A pair of hands opening a gift card printed on brown recycled card
A man sitting at a table whilst opening a tri-fold leaflet.
A man holding a UV torch and shining it on a blue poster of a hammerhead shark, to reveal the sksleton.

The details make the design

From the hand-printed wrapping paper to the charity cards, and framing guides to the hand-embossed box, we curated every step of the sustainable packaging. The result is a memorable and meaningful customer experience.

Street view of a small art gallery with the Under The Skin logo on the window in white vinyl.
A man shining a UV torch on a framed sun bear print in an art exhibition of endangered animal pieces of artwork.
A group of people smiling and shining UV torches on framed prints in an art exhibition.
A typographic client testimonial singing praise to Under The Skin's artwork.
James Harrison kneeling down in front of a panda print and talking to a child in an art gallery.
A young girl and boy standing in the hallway of the Natural History Museum, shining a UV torch on an Under The Skin print of a vaquita posrpoise.
An elderly woman shining a UV torch on a framed screen print of a panda in an Under The Skin art exhibition.

A powerful, universal message

The Under the Skin collection has been exhibited globally, from small community art galleries to the Natural History Museum, sharing a powerful message with audiences of all ages.