Illustration, Web design

Sea Shepherd education

Designing the new Sea Shepherd education website; an online platform to inspire the next generation of ocean activists.

“Sea Shepherd needed an innovative design for our Education Program. Ed’s work I knew would be perfect for this. Clean, crisp artwork with simplicity is the genius of the design and we couldn't be happier with the results.”

Omar Todd CIO of Sea Shepherd

The brief

  • Sea Shepherd needed a new fresh innovative design for their Education Program in alignment with their global brand guidelines.
  • The new digital platform provides learning resources for children, teachers and young adults about Sea Shepherd's campaigns to protect our oceans.
  • I was asked to bring the website to life through playful banner artwork, ocean-themed icons and spot illustrations, to complement the written content created by the Sea Shepherd team.

The idea

  • I began by illustrating the wonders of the ocean, injecting a playful look and feel to the website.
  • Everything was created within the Sea Shepherd brand guidelines (such as the colour palettes, fonts, and button styles) with clear navigation and calls to action throughout.
  • I created ocean-inspired iconography to accompany the key calls to action.
  • I worked closely with the web developer to optimise the website assets. The artwork was exported as SVGs to minimise loading time and retain the highest resolution.

The outcome

  • Sea Shepherd launched the new education website alongside their Young Designers Competition.
  • The website is now being used to complement the UK school curriculum.
  • The Sea Shepherd team are now making plans to work with me to help shape the global outreach designs.
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Celebrating wonders of the sea

I approached the ocean-themed artwork with a childlike curiosity, illustrating the wonders of the ocean using the Sea Shepherd brand colours. The banner artwork and spot illustrations were key in making the website visually engaging for younger audiences.

Ed Harrison's graphic illustration of a yellow and white pelican inside a blue circle.

Icons of the ocean

I created ocean-inspired iconography to accompany key call to action buttons. These scalable icons were designed with a visual twist to bring a smile to users as they navigate the website, whether on desktop or mobile.

The result

The website has been popular with children, adults and school teachers alike and is being used to complement the UK school curriculum. I am now making plans with the Sea Shepherd team to help shape their global outreach designs.