Rewilding Britain

Inspiring a rewilding movement. Calling on governments to restore nature and fund natural climate solutions.

Illustration, Web design, Campaign

Rewilding Britain

Creating the graphics for an environmental campaign to gain political support for rewilding in the UK.

"Ed's designs have been crucial to our campaign work on the role of rewilding and helped us attract over 100,000 signatures to a petition that's set to trigger a debate in the UK parliament."

Charlie Peverett Communications strategy, Rewilding Britain

The Brief

  • It was the first time Rewilding Britain asked for political support and they commissioned me to lead the visual communications for their campaign.
  • The first goal was to captivate people's imaginations about the rewilding movement.
  • The second goal was to help people to understand the benefits of rewilding.
  • The third goal was a call to action: empowering people to sign a petition that calls on the UK government to fund natural climate solutions.

The Idea

  • I illustrated a series of scenes to celebrate some of the charismatic British species that are likely to return as a result of rewilding.
  • I created an icon set for the different critical habitats that need to be protected and restored.
  • I designed a series of graphics to visually communicate the role of rewilding against climate breakdown, such as carbon sequestration and flood prevention.
  • The visuals were used across web pages, newsletters, social campaigns and a report published about the decarbonising benefits of rewilding.

The Result

Illustrations to captivate imaginations

I began by illustrating some of the charismatic British species that are likely to return as a result of rewilding habitats around Britain; from beavers to butterflies, sea eagles to egrets.

The report

Rewilding Britain published a report on how restoring nature can help decarbonise the UK. The illustrations were used to bring the text-heavy pages to life and I created a set of habitat icons to help readers navigate the content.

The campaign

When messages are clear and understood, it’s easier for audiences to take action. The core elements of the campaign communicated how rewilding can help to prevent climate breakdown. Newsletters, social posts and web pages were sent out for the public to read, share and take action by signing this government petition.

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The result

The campaign was shared by the Guardian as well as environmental influencers such as George Monbiot. Within a day 10,000 people had signed the petition. In less than two months they hit the 100,000 target. This triggered a debate in UK parliament about commitments to fund natural climate solutions.