Logo Gallery


A selection of logos created for ethical businesses, start-ups, craftspeople, charities and organisations.

Daniel Harrison

Furniture maker

Designing the brand identity for my brother who creates small batches of bespoke furniture from native and sustainable woods.


Simple economics news

Everything and everyone is part of the global economy. This inspired a playful device for the O's of the economy logo.


Wildlife Conservation

A small two-person operation specialising in protecting endangered animals across the sea and sky.

Bat Conservation

Daniel Hargreaves

Daniel Hargreaves (known as the Batdan of wildlife conservation) specialises in bat research, conservation and education.

Bread & Beyond

Artisan baker

A small and passionate artisan bakery specialising in quality bread and more.

Darren Abrahams


Darren approached me to design a logo based upon Aesop's fable of The Lion and the Mouse.

The Creperie

Seafront Restaurant

Designing the brand and interior of a restaurant that offers iconic French cuisine complemented by the best in local British produce.


Conservation Consultant

Biodiversify help businesses tackle difficult problems related to biodiversity and sustainability.

Under the Skin

Printmaking Partnership

A creative venture that I launched with my brother back in 2015. The logo reflects the interactive nature of our animal screenprints.

Helen Rankin

Contemporary jewellery designer

A logo reflective of Helen Rankin's inspiration found in modern architecture, geometric features and repetitive patterns.


Personal Print Shop

A seal of approval used to stamp sustainable prints, packaging and postcards sent from my online shop.