Logo Gallery


A selection of logos created for ethical businesses, start-ups, craftspeople, charities and organisations.

A grid of 12 black and white graphic logos


Conservation Consultant

Biodiversify help businesses tackle difficult problems related to biodiversity and sustainability.

A logo made up of colourful animal silhoeuttes fitting together to make a circle
A hand holding 2 business cards with a colourful animal kingdom logo on the front


Simple economics news

Everything and everyone is part of the global economy. This inspired a playful device for the O's of the economy logo.



Wildlife Conservation

A small two-person operation specialising in protecting endangered animals across the sea and sky.

twocan conservation
Two photos: a school of fish and a tucan in a tree

Bat Conservation

Daniel Hargreaves

Daniel Hargreaves (known as the Batdan of wildlife conservation) specialises in bat research, conservation and education.

A logo with a 'B' next to a bat silhoette
An illustration of a conservationist squatting down with a bat net

Bread & Beyond

Artisan baker

A small and passionate artisan bakery specialising in quality bread and more.

Bread and Beyond
Three loaves of bread with a logo overlaid in the middle

Darren Abrahams


Darren approached me to design a logo based upon Aesop's fable of The Lion and the Mouse.

A circular logo with an illustration of a mouse and a lion

Daniel Harrison

Furniture maker

Designing the brand identity for my brother who creates small batches of bespoke furniture from native and sustainable woods.

Daniel Harrison Furniture
Two hands pushing a carpenters plain with wooden shavings streaming out
A small wooden box with a logo engraved in the corner

The Creperie

Seafront Restaurant

Designing the brand and interior of a restaurant that offers iconic French cuisine complemented by the best in local British produce.

The Creperie
A cafe menu, clipboard, cutlery and coffee cups neatly arranged

Under the Skin

Printmaking Partnership

A creative venture that I launched with my brother back in 2015. The logo reflects the interactive nature of our animal screenprints.

A logo made up of a U revealing some bones
Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

Helen Rankin

Contemporary jewellery designer

A logo reflective of Helen Rankin's inspiration found in modern architecture, geometric features and repetitive patterns.

Helen rankin logo
A woman modelling a pair of geometric earings


Personal Print Shop

A seal of approval used to stamp sustainable prints, packaging and postcards sent from my online shop.

Ed Harrison Design and Illustration
A rubber ink stamp sitting on top some ocean-themed art prints