Palm Oil

Client: China Dialogue

A selection of colourful infographics created for China Dialogue on the dirty palm oil industry.

Saving Sharks

Under the Skin x Sea Shepherd

Do you know your shark fins? How many people are killed by sharks each year? A series of graphics created for International Shark Week, Under the Skin, a campaign to captivate the public's imagination about sharks.

Alfred Wallace

Under the Skin x Another Escape

A book that brings together illustrations and infographics to celebrate the life work of legendary Victorian naturalist, explorer and biologist Alfred Russel Wallace.

The Vanishing Vaquita

Under the Skin

A series of data visualisations showing information about the most critically endangered marine mammal on the planet, the Vaquita Porpoise.

Remembering Sudan

Under the Skin x Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Half a million rhinos roamed Africa and Asia in 1900. But due to poaching and habitat loss that figure had fallen to 70,000 by 1970. Rhino numbers continue to dwindle to this day. Following the passing of the last male Northern White Rhino, Under the Skin partnered up with Ol Pejeta to pay tribute to this species bound for extinction.