Innovative Farmers: Field Journal

Client: Soil Association

One-third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food and farming. Soil Association commissioned me to design the Innovative Farmers Field Journal, an annual showcase of growers who are changing their farming practices for the better.

Billion Oyster Project

Client: Billion Oyster Project

Illustrating the conservation work of Billion Oyster Project, who are restoring oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education initiatives. The poster was printed for their annual fundraiser event.

Remembering Kim

Personal work

Designed in loving memory of my Dad, Nicholas "Kim" Harrison. He liked to be called Kim. We handed out packs of dad's favourite runner beans at the funeral for friends and family to grow.

Gateway to the Ocean

Under the Skin x IOFF

Created in exclusive partnership with the International Ocean Film Festival (a world-renowned festival that overlooks Golden Gate Bridge) this interactive screenprint highlights the beauty and fragility of the marine habitat of the Bay Area.

A man holding up a poster of an illustrated underwater scene in front of Golden Gate Bridge.

Whale Takes Flight

Personal Work

A snippet of one of my children's picture books in the works that tells a story of a whale who dreamed she could fly.

Elephants & Bees

Under the Skin x Save the Elephants

Illustrating an innovative conservation project by Dr Lucy King at Save The Elephants which harnesses elephants' natural fear of bees to resolve conflict with farmers and help save their lives.

Ed Harrison's illustration of an African elephant walking through a swarm of bees.

Wildscreen Festival

Client: Wildscreen

Illustrating seven conservation heroes and the corresponding species they are each working to protect.


Transparent Sea

Clients: WWF, RSPB & MSC

Working with RSPB, WWF and MSC to create a colourful, cutting-edge report that outlines why using cameras at sea is essential if we are to eliminate bycatch and overfishing.

Rewilding Britain

Campaign illustrations

Artwork for Rewilding Britain's campaign to engage the public in the benefits of rewilding.

Alfred Wallace Collections

Under the Skin x Another Escape

An illustrated book celebrating the legendary Victorian naturalist, explorer, and environmentalist Alfred Russel Wallace.


Ebb & Flow

Personal work

An ongoing print series celebrating the beauty and fragility of the world's oceans.

Animals of Amazonia

Under the Skin

Between the branches of the Amazon Rainforest; celebrating one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. This limited edition Under the Skin giclée print raises money for Amazon Watch.


Biodiversity Loss report

Client: China Dialogue