A Pandemic of Possibilities

Under the Skin

Cover artwork for a blog post about some of the positive ways nature responded to humans in lockdown.

White Supremacy

Personal Work

A creative response to White Fragility, a book by Robin DiAngelo that I read during the Black Lives Matter movement of August 2020. The book opened my eyes to the complex, embedded system of structural power that privileges, centralizes and elevates those defined and perceived as white.

Transparent Sea

Clients: RSPB, WWF & MSC

Graphics and illustrations for a colourful, cutting-edge report that outlines why using cameras at sea is essential if we are to eliminate bycatch and overfishing.

Rewilding vs. Climate Change

Rewilding Britain

Artwork for Rewilding Britain's campaign to engage the public in the benefits of rewilding.


Brand illustrations

A series of illustrations created for a consultancy team who helps businesses tackle difficult problems related to biodiversity and sustainability.

World Oceans Day

Under the Skin

Created as part of an online social campaign in the build-up to World Oceans Day.

Illegal, Unregulated, Unreported Fishing

China Dialogue

Created for China Dialogue as part of their series of articles on illegal, unregulated, unreported (IUU) fishing.

Trump vs. Attenborough

Under the Skin

Cover artwork for a blog post about Trump's antics in the Whitehouse, contrasted by Sir David Attenborough’s contributions to the UN climate change summit in Poland.

The Art of Slow Travel

Personal Work

Artwork for a short blog post about things I have learnt and observed during long stints of slow travel.


Personal work

A visual response to encourage younger audiences to vote.
Because it matters.

Darwin vs. Wallace

Under the Skin x Another Escape

Illustrations to accompany an article about the relationship between Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace and their studies that led to the theory of evolution.