China Dialogue

Designing a series of compelling infographics to analyse one of the world’s biggest ocean powers and help resolve the ocean crisis before it is too late.

Graphic design, Infographics

China Dialogue: Oceans

Illuminating critical ocean conservation issues in a compelling, lively, and multi-lingual fashion.

“Ed's design work is consistently delivered to a high standard and adds a great deal of value to our reporting. His simple, clean and attractive graphics have also helped us to reach new readers through our social media channels.”

Joe Coroneo-Seaman Producer at China Dialogue

The Brief

  • China is one of the world’s biggest ocean powers: it has the largest fishing fleet, produces 1/3 of the world’s ocean plastic, and consumes more seafood than any other nation.
  • This is backed up by some big, powerful data which China Dialogue use in their reporting to analyse and illuminate the most critical ocean conservation issues of our time.
  • I was brought onboard to create a series of compelling graphics to accompany their articles, published across their website and social channels.

The Idea

  • I started by mapping out the different ways of communicating the information: from charts to diagrams, illustrations to icons.
  • I felt it important to bring a light and playful approach to the designs. I incorporated ocean-themed flourishes and visual puns to balance out the heaviness of the conservation issues.
  • I created everything to fit within China Dialogue's brand guidelines, which were designed by my talented brother Joe.
  • We translated the graphics to Chinese so they could be shared, read and understood by a wider readership.

The Outcome

  • I exported all of the artwork into lightweight files to optimise website loading time, alongside a series of graphics catered for various social media channels.
  • Whether knowledgeable about the ocean crisis, or looking to learn more about these issues, the graphics made it easier to digest and understand the ocean conservation reports.
  • China Dialogue's metrics actually showed that my graphics helped them to engage with new readers and grow their social media audience.
iPad showing China Dialgoue's map of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
iPad showing China Dialogue's diagram of deep sea mining
China Dialogue's Infographic chart of global fishing subsidies

Visualising the problem

China Dialogue analyse and illuminate the most critical ocean conservation issues of our time. I regularly get brought onboard to create the ocean-themed graphics for their reporting, incorporating flourishes and visual puns to balance out the heaviness of some of the topics.

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An ocean of solutions

China Dialogue use their reporting to highlight solutions to the ocean crises as well as the problems. It is always a joy creating the illustrations, charts, maps and icons to enhance their compelling articles and make the issues easier to understand.

Compelling, lively, and multi-lingual

All of the graphics are created within China Dialogue's brand guidelines (designed by my talented brother Joe) and I finish every project by working with the team to translate the graphics to Chinese so that they can be read and shared by their global readership.