Infographics, Graphic design

Animal Senses

A five-volume book series that explores the power of senses within the animal kingdom.

"A pine needle dropped in the forest. The deer heard it. The eagle saw it. The bear smelled it."

Native American Proverb

The brief

  • This was a creative response to a Brighton University brief where we were tasked to design, print and hand-bind a series of five books on any subject we wanted to explore through graphic design, text and imagery.
  • I used this project as an opportunity to learn about the five human senses, comparing us to five fascinating animals that have evolved almost supernatural senses to help them survive in the wild.

The Idea

  • I created a two-colour design system (blue for animals, red for humans) throughout which was printed using a specialist ‘risograph’ technique / method.
  • The clear and compelling infographics and diagrams allow readers to compare each human sense to that of each animals.
  • Transparent tracing paper pages were overlaid within the book to add an extra dimension to the data visualisations.

The Outcome

  • The books were sustainably risograph printed by Victory Press and bound by hand in a limited edition run.
  • The book series proved to be popular and were received well by a wide readership, young and old.
  • They were sold digitally in my online shop and physically through craft fairs – and sold out within months of the launch.
A project that explores the power of senses in the animal kingdom. Five fascinating species, each with a highly evolved sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.
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