Return of the swallows

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An illustrated icon by Ed Harrison of a blue and green lanbdscape flourishing with nature.

Every year these swift and agile fliers return to my parent's house in Wales, putting on an impressive airshow around the barn.

They circle, swoop, and dive-bomb to a backdrop of clear plane-free skies (as we are still in global lockdown) to signify their arrival. This marks both the end of their 9,000 mile journey from South Africa and the official start of Spring.

Spring, in all its wondrous sounds, smells, facets and colours!

With their glossy-blue-black feathers, red throats and iconic tail streamers, these birds aren’t just a sign of the beginning of spring - they are traditionally a sign of good luck. It is said that swallows bring happiness to places where they build their half-cup nests from mud.

But beware - in folklore, to remove a swallows nest is said to bring sadness and loss into a home.

So for me, this Easter was spent sitting down to illustrate Swallows (soon to be prints and postcards in my online shop) inspired by these beautiful migrating birds that hold a close place in my heart.

We all have our own personal signs and symbols in nature that mark the start of Spring. What are yours? I'd love to hear from you, so please feel to drop me a line and let me know. So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and whether you are with your family or apart, I hope you have been able to find time to enjoy the beginning of this magical season.

Stay safe, and happy Easter.

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