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Remembering Kim

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With the unexpected passing of my dad, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a short tribute to Dr Nicholas "Kim" Harrison. He liked to be called Kim.

Anyone who had the opportunity to meet my dad would agree that he was one of the most humble and gentle-natured humans a person could meet.

He was a caring doctor and patient teacher who dedicated his life's work to the NHS as a lung physician.

Dad’s love of animals, trees, insects, mushrooms, plants, biology, and tree planting inspired us from an early age, bringing us closer to the natural world in ways we can’t express through words.

Top down shot of a man planting a runner bean plant in soil.

Dad planting his runner beans. We handed out envelopes of beans for funeral guests to plant this Spring.

Dad has been a huge inspiration for my creative work, especially Under the Skin in partnership with my brother James. He was our greatest supporter, alongside our Mum. They were happily married for over 40 years.

Dad also had a deep appreciation for the art of growing vegetables, which he shared and passed on to us boys.

Every spring his tomato plants would flourish and take over the conservatory (much to the annoyance of mum) and he loved nothing more than tending to his raised beds outside where he grew runner beans, potatoes, asparagus, courgettes, beetroot and countless other veggies that we were able to eat together throughout the harvest season.

I feel most connected to dad when I slip on my wellies and step out into the garden, and I have made sure to continue growing his legacy of collected seeds, just as a gentle reminder that dad is still very much here with us. He’s not going anywhere.

A pair of hands tending to a row of runner beans in an allotment.

Dad's love of veg growing inspired my design for the cover of the funeral service booklets.

The date of Dad's funeral fell in Spring, right in the middle of the growing season.

This inspired the design of the funeral service booklets, which we handed out together with packs of runner bean seeds for funeral guests to grow this Spring. We're already receiving photos from friends and family across the country, who are sharing the progress of the beans that are growing week by week.

A man dressed in a maroon jumped and jeans standing amongst a grove of pine trees in Scotland.

Dad taking in the sights and sounds of nature on one of his annual Scottish Highland adventures with my brother James. Photo credit: James Harrison

Finally, I'd like to do a big shoutout to all of my incredible friends and family who have relentlessly supported us through this difficult time.

I’ll hopefully be back with some more creative updates from inside the studio and out in the veg patch soon.

An illustrated K logo wrapped in green runner beans with pink flowers.
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