International Surfing Day

I've launched a new piece of art in time for International Surf Day, and written a short ramble about surfing to go with it.

Man in a wetsuit holding a surfboard on the beach with breaking waves and a headland in the background

International Surfing Day

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Last week was International Surfing Day. This gave me the opportunity to pause and reflect on something that has played a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Riding waves has brought me closer to my friends and family, and also to the natural wonders of the sea.

My connection with the ocean runs deep, and the ocean is where I truly feel at home.

They say people protect what they love, and so I have no doubt that has without a doubt largely inspired the ocean activism work I have done through my freelance work with Sea Shepherd, China Dialogue, and Wildscreen, and of course with my brother through our creative conservation venture, Under the Skin.

A man in a wetsuit surfing a wave on a dull, grey day

Getting a surf in on International Surfing Day. Despite the small, choppy waves and howling onshore winds, it's always worth getting wet. Photograph by Alex Sedgmond.

Looking out over my local surf break at Llangenith, South Wales. Photo credit: Alex Sedgmond.

Whether it's a bracing January swim on a crisp Winter morning or a small, choppy surf in howling onshore winds (which, for South Wales, is the majority of the time) I can hands-on-heart say that I always end up coming out of the sea feeling happier and more connected than when I step in.

So here it is, my homage to riding waves, in the form of this short written ramble and a new surf print, launched in time for this year's International Surfing Day...

Framed illustrative print of a surfer paddling over rolling blue waves

A new print, launched in time for International Surf Day.

Finally, I'd like to thank Alex Sedgmond for these epic photos (despite the not-so-epic waves!) which he shot as part of a project he was working on for the Welsh ethical brand Goodwash. He's a great guy to hang with and an extremely talented photographer, so go and check out his work here immediately!

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