Hi, I'm Ed, a designer, illustrator & storyteller on a mission to celebrate & protect biodiversity on this magical blue marble we call Earth.

By day, I freelance with conservation charities, ethical organisations, and sustainable start-ups, working collaboratively to create playful visual narratives and impactful campaigns.

By night, I pursue passion projects and side hustles. I craft paper insects by lamplight and illustrate the world's most endangered animals for Under the Skin.

The following film was screened at Wildscreen 2020 where I had the privilege of virtually presenting my work alongside Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall & Greta Thunberg:

I love taking on creative challenges, big & small. If you’d like to chat about a potential project, please feel free to browse my FAQs and get in touch:


I grew up in South Wales where I spent my childhood exploring the rugged coastline of the Gower Peninsular.

This is where my passion for nature and the ocean grew strong. At the beginning of the global pandemic I returned to my roots where I have the opportunity to work from a small home studio, spending every moment in between exploring the coastline in search of waves to ride, sea cliffs to scale and seaweed to forage.

A wave breaking in front of rocks with a surfer riding it

Ed tucking in at one of his local surf spots in South Wales.

Brothers by nature

Creativity was always nurtured in our home. I am one of four brothers and each one of us has grown up to pursue a different craft; there is one furniture maker, one digital designer, one printmaker... and me!

Art School

Back in 2012, I graduated from Brighton University with a degree in Graphic Design. It was during these early days in art school that I immersed myself in the foundations of my craft; typography, illustration, graphic design, and visual storytelling.

Under the Skin

In 2015, my brother James (a designer & printmaker) and I decided to bring our illustration and printmaking skills together to create a series of endangered species screenprints to support the conservation movement. Under the skin was born.

What initially started as a side project gradually evolved into our own small business and life venture. We have created screenprints in exclusive partnership with some of the most influential charities in the world including Sea Shepherd, RSPB and Ol Pejeta.

Two male artists in a print studio smiling, holding screenprint equipment and inks


In 2016 I relocated to Canada for 2 years where I spent a long period of time living in my van between the mountain towns of Squamish (climbing), Vancouver island (surfing), and Revelstoke (skiing). I continued my freelance creative work remotely in coffee shops, getting out into the great outdoors as much as possible. I documented my time through a series of short films as I went.

This was a special time in my life where I put my time in the awe-inspiring wildlife of beautiful British Columbia first, my creative work second. The people, places and wildlife I experienced along the way were a huge source of inspiration and motivation as a designer, illustrator and conservationist.

Man holding a surfboard looking out to sea
A wave breaking in front of rocks with a surfer riding it
Man working on a laptop in a camper van by the sea

The Last Vaquita

Whilst design and illustration have been at the forefront of my career, filmmaking has always been there in the background. I carry a handheld camera wherever I go, capturing moments and crafting short films of my life experiences and travels. 'The Last Vaquita' is the first documentary I have directed.

What I do

Through clean, clear, and compelling visuals I can help connect a global audience to your brand.

  • Brand identity is more than a logo. It is a visual system bringing together typography, colour, icon systems, imagery, composition and voice. Your identity is what distinguishes you from competitors and creates interest in your service.
    My goal is to create experiences to reflect the who, what and why of your brand.

  • Illustration and graphic design co-exist within my practice when developing strong visual narratives. I create illustration toolkits as part of brand campaigns and digital experiences, or simply as a single support image for a website, printed publication or social media page.

  • I design maps, charts, diagrams, timelines, and systems of graphical elements. My goal is to interpret complex ideas to make them beautifully simple and understandable.

  • In today’s digital era your website is your ‘shopfront window’. Having a beautifully crafted website is essential to your brand and its evolution. I work closely with developers to create unique digital interactive experiences and platforms to reinforce your brand voice and service.

  • Icons are a universal visual language. Symbols and pictograms can communicate core ideas in a way that is simple, clean, and easy to understand. When used properly, an icon system can negate the need for written language.
    When designing icons I ensure they are unified, clean and succinct.

  • The world needs stories. For many adults, the combination of words and pictures in traditional picture books were their first interaction with art and narrative. Picture books transcend age and culture, giving children the opportunity to engage in challenging topics. From cover designs to flowing narratives, I create picture books to captivate hearts and minds.

Clients & Awards

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most influential organisations (and picked up a bit of recognition along the way).